Butika | Blue Chip* Stocks Trending Down for last Six Month period for Indian Stock Market
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Blue Chip* Stocks Trending Down for last Six Month period for Indian Stock Market

Blue Chip* Stocks Trending Down for last Six Month period for Indian Stock Market

cap fund

You are given two options door 1 and door 2 wherein you get to choose the door of your choice. There you find 3 treasure boxes & get to know that some contain treasure while some are empty. You feel a little dejected but hope to find treasure in the 2nd box. Now you feel a lot dejected & try to be content with the 2000 you received in the first place. You are rejoiced and overcome the dejection you’ve been feeling.

  • The reason is the blue-chip firm’s main line of business is not just one but many which gives the scope to the stock to not fall off.
  • These companies win the trust of investors through transparency, clear division of responsibilities, equitable distribution of returns and good corporate governance.
  • Investors who purchase blue chip stocks buy stock of large market capitalisation firms.
  • While investing is wrongly compared to gambling, this one link remains.

Reliance ranks 96 in Fortune Global 500 world’s biggest organization. Reliance is undoubtedly one of the best blue chip stocks in India. In this article, you will find the best chip stocks in India, which have made their mark over the years. Keep reading to learn about the best blue chip stocks and their lists made on various factors. Over the last 5 years, ITC stock has generated 42.99% returns for its investors. As of 14th March 2023, ITC stocks are showing great potential for profitability and efficiency, with 89% of analysts suggesting that investors buy this stock.

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The screener applies different algorithms for all BSE and NSE stocks. The top growth stocks usually trade at a premium to other stocks in the market because investors are willing to pay for the higher profits in the years ahead. Always remember that past record is not a guarantee of future performance. Even the best of the companies can struggle, and therefore you should diversify your investments to reduce the risk of losing all your money during a bad run. Kotak Bank has maintained its cautious stance towards unsecured retail, credit cards and small business lending. Bank’s 70% advances are given to corporate and business, home loans &LAP and agriculture segment, with corporate and business division having the highest exposure of nearly 58%.


TATA Large Cap Fund is a Equity – Large Cap fund was launched on 7 May 98. It is a fund with Moderately High risk and has given a CAGR/Annualized return of 18.8% since its launch. SBI Bluechip Fund is a Equity – Large Cap fund was launched on 14 Feb 06. It is a fund with Moderately High risk and has given a CAGR/Annualized return of 11.4% since its launch. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund is a Equity – Large Cap fund was launched on 23 May 08. It is a fund with Moderately High risk and has given a CAGR/Annualized return of 13.8% since its launch.

Blue chip stocks are shares of large, well-established, and financially sound companies who have an excellent reputation. Are generally considered less risky investments than other stocks because they are less volatile and tend to perform better in challenging market conditions. These companies have maintained steady growth over long periods through strategic business decisions, including capital investments in R&D, mergers & acquisitions or expansion into new markets through joint ventures. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Hewlett-Packard fit into most blue-chip stocks lists due to their strong balance sheets and established track records for creating shareholder value. Funds and ETFs may occasionally own a range of equities and asset types, including Indian bluechip stocks. Other times, the funds or ETFs may only invest in blue-chip companies.

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On a consolidated basis, the https://1investing.in/ risk profile is supported by strong cash flow from operations and minimal debt. HUL is known for its aggressive dividend payout policy which is around 90%. However, HUL’s strong financial risk profile and its leading position in the domestic FMCG industry would help to maintain its leadership position and tide through any economic slowdown/ crisis. Blue chip companies are generally market leaders and have the capabilities to face tough market conditions. This is the reason why they always remain popular among the investors and are generally traded at higher prices on the Stock Exchanges.

Usually, blue-chip companies in India are financially sound and are among the top companies in their respective industries. The best blue chip shares in Nepal is listed below based on different sectors of the economy. No need to issue cheques by investors while subscribing to IPO. Just write the bank account number and sign in the application form to authorise your bank to make payment in case of allotment. No worries for refund as the money remains in investor’s account. Blue-chip stocks are generally large and well-established companies with a history of strong performance.

Investors are requested to note that Stock broker is permitted to receive/pay money from/to investor through designated bank accounts only named as client bank accounts. Stock broker is also required to disclose these client bank accounts to Stock Exchange. The details of these client bank accounts are also displayed by Stock Exchanges on their website under “Know/ Locate your Stock Broker”.

These company stocks tend to generate good returns when they are held for long periods. It is considered a blue chip stock because it has a long track record of financial stability, steady growth, and strong market performance. It is also a highly liquid stock widely held by investors, making it a safe and reliable investment option.

What are growth stocks?

They may not be among the set of buzzing stocks all the time, however; over the long term, blue-chip stocks tend to make money for the shareholders. Therefore, these are a great investment for people who can hold on through thick and thin, and through market cycles. Asian Paints enjoys a dominant share of over 50% in the organized domestic paints market. In the decorative paints segment, which comprises about 70-75% of the Indian paints industry; Asian Paints have a share of about 60%. It has also been able to garner a healthy position in the automotive industrial coatings segment with a market share of about 20%. Driven by its leadership position, the company has registered revenue at a CAGR of 14% and a profit CAGR of 13% over the five fiscals through 2022.

As with any investment, it’s important to do your due research. Blue chip stocks are a great option for investors looking to invest money in the Indian stock market. They provide long-term stability, security, and impressive returns over time. With a diverse range of companies to choose from, there are plenty of options for investing in blue chip stocks this year. Tata Consultancy Services is one of the top-performing blue chip stocks in the Indian stock market. It is a leading information technology and consulting company that provides various services, including software development, digital solutions, and business process outsourcing.

3 Quality Blue-Chip Stocks With Safe Dividends – InvestorPlace

3 Quality Blue-Chip Stocks With Safe Dividends.

Posted: Mon, 22 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

These companies are financially resilient with negligible to zero debt levels and are capable of surviving turbulent economic situations. Most of the best blue-chip stocks to buy are market leaders in their respective industries.. Further, it is often seen that a Blue Chip business is less affected by unfavorable financial conditions during recessionary periods.

Best Blue Chip Stocks in India 2023 To Buy

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd is the largest IT company in India by Market cap and the world’s largest IT Services provider. The company is involved in providing a wide spectrum of services such as IT Services, Consultancy, business solutions, digital transformation, and IT products and platforms. The company is also foraying into newfound and developing technologies such as cloud-based computing, machine learning, AI and Blockchain-based technology.

Investors who want to invest in these funds are advised to stay invested for a long duration., i.e., above 5 years. One can plan their long-term goals like Retirement planning, saving for marriage or child’s higher education, etc., with Bluechip funds. When newbie investors start investing, their biggest fear may be losing their invested principal. They may prefer blue-chip stocks because blue-chip stocks are characterised by stable growth and solid financial prospects.

This basket is designed for investors to grow and create wealth with India s biggest and largest brands. The top-notched companies often pay dividends with increasing dividend prices. Not all blue-chip stocks necessarily pay dividends, though many of them do. Permalinkthis is my first time i got news related to share marke of nepal from investopaper…. Every Indian Pincode has a branch of this biggest bank in the country. SBI was established in 1806 and has successfully carried its legacy and heritage for over 200 years.

Kotak Bluechip Fund

A blue-chip company is an established and financially sound company with a long history of profitability and a solid financial position. These companies have strong fundamentals, growing YoY and revenue. The Investment objective of the Scheme is to provide investors with the opportunities for long-term capital appreciation by investing predominantly in Equity and Equity related Instruments of Large Cap companies. However there can be no assurance that the investment objective under the Scheme will be realized. The content and data available on the website, including but not limited to index value, return numbers and rationale are for information and illustration purposes only.

They are generally the market leaders, thus capturing large market share of an industry. Although the term blue chip was used by Oliver Gingold in his articles for highly-priced stocks, but today this term is more often used to refer to high-quality stocks. By high quality, we mean the stocks which deliver superior returns in the long run. If you want to invest in blue-chip stocks, these three might be worth consideration. There are many more blue-chip companies; some are even domestic, so keep looking until you find ones that fit your criteria. Once you start investing, it is vital to continue tracking how they are doing and make changes accordingly.

For eight alpha male traits mindsets that change your investors, blue chip companies carry an implied promise of quality and consistency – just like those blue chips in poker. ● Liquidity – The ease of trading blue chip stocks makes these investments highly liquid, meaning they can quickly be converted into cash with minimal effort or cost. ●Flexibility – Investing in blue chips offers flexibility because investors can buy and sell the stocks freely, unlike other investments with restrictions. Are you an investor seeking a dependable and lucrative investment that promises sustainable returns for years to come? You may have come across blue chip stocks in your search and might be wondering what they are all about. Investors are requested to note that Stockbroker Alice Blue Financial Services Private Limited is permitted to receive/pay money from/to investors through designated bank accounts only named as client bank accounts.

  • Please note that by submitting the above mentioned details, you are authorizing us to Call/SMS you even though you may be registered under DND.
  • You feel a little dejected but hope to find treasure in the 2nd box.
  • These stocks are typically known for their stability, dividend payouts, and strong brand recognition.
  • The screener lists down the stocks where the stock score has been improving consistently over a period of 3 months.
  • ICICIdirect is a registered broker through which you can place orders to buy Bluechip Stockspin Ltd Share.
  • Some of them are dividend aristocrats, i.e. consistently paid increasing dividends for over 25 years.

I-Sec and affiliates accept no liabilities for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of any actions taken in reliance thereon. Please note Brokerage would not exceed the SEBI prescribed limit. These are not Exchange traded products, and the Member is just acting as distributor.

Details provided are for educational purposes and should not be construed as investment advice. Investors should consult their investment advisor before making any investment decision. Indian Tobacco Company is another big conglomerate on the list of top blue chip stocks in India. The company was incorporated in the year 1910 and has a base of diversified businesses including FMCG, Hotels, Agriculture, IT & Paperboards. The well-known business brands of ITC include Gold Flake, Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Bingo, Classmate, etc.

How to invest in top blue chip stocks?

Her strength lies in simplifying complex financial concepts with real life stories and analogies. Her goal is to make common retail investors financially smart and independent. Blue Chip stocks are stocks of large cap companies & have a strong brand presence.

15 Best Stocks Under $100 – Yahoo Finance

15 Best Stocks Under $100.

Posted: Thu, 09 Mar 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Consider the stock’s dividend yield and whether it aligns with your investment goals. A blue-chip stock typically represents a good, established company with a solid financial track record and stable business model. Therefore, it is essential to carefully research the company’s financial statements and performance history to ensure that it is a financially sound investment.


Generally, a blue-chip stock is a market leader in its sector or amongst the top three by market capitalization. The Fund Manager will always select stocks for investment from among Top 200 stocks in terms of market capitalization on the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. If the total assets under management under this scheme goes above Rs. 1,000 crores the Fund Manager reserves the right to increase the number of companies to more than 20. The next big thing is deciding on how to invest in top blue chip stocks in India. There can be two ways, one by directly investing in the company’s stock and the second can be investing through mutual funds. For the first option, the trader needs to do thorough research on these stocks and depending upon their potential to invest should decide on the subject.

A blue-chip stock is a kind of a stock or fund where anyone can invest, the new trader, the experienced one or the one who is looking forward to good returns. Ideally, hold your stocks for 7 to 10 years and see how incredible they will grow. 80 years of business and one of the finest FMCG in India is what HUL is- one of the top blue chip stocks in India.

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